The Climate Share

The Climate Share’s goal is to use the Equity Market to help solve Climate Change. While there are plenty of private companies fighting climate change they aren’t as accessible to everyday people. When you are a shareholder of a company you are essentially a part owner and you can push for changes in the company.


Our mission with The Climate Share is the following:

  1. Buy into and promote companies that are having a meaningful impact on fixing climate change even if they are not directly connected to climate change.

  2. Shame the companies that are not on the good list to do better.

  3. Get people to stop using products of the companies that are active causers of climate change.

Our vision is to get to a zero and negative emission future by 2050. We cannot change every company on earth but if we can change the companies in the public markets we are one step closer to our vision.

Companies with Climate Solutions

These are some companies that are working on Fighting Climate change.

Companies Causing Climate Change

These are the companies that are causing Climate Change. These companies are largely responsible for the large amounts of emissions.

Organizations Working on Climate Change

Please check out some of these companies that are providing solutions to fighting Climate change.


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